GrassRoots Community Network Programs

GrassRoots Commmunity Network's programming evolves as our community evolves.  As a reflection of this community, GrassRoots is intellectual, funny, opinionated, health-obsessed, republican, democratic, libertarian, and always passionate.  Community members use GrassRoots to discuss whatever subject is relevant in their lives. Take a look at some of our regularly scheduled programs, click on a show for more information including air times.  

Aspen Community

Fat City
ACRA Presents
Ski Bum Theater
City Matters
Aspen Archives


Aspen High School Sports
AVSC presents: Weekly with Walt
Roaring Fork High School Sports

Carbondale Community

Sustainable Solutions
Roaring Fork High School Sports
CCAH presents: Green is the New Black
Carbondale Archives
Sustainable Settings


The Harmony Sisters


Pitkin County Landfill presents: Talkin' Trashy

Fine Arts

Red Brick Review
Art Matters!
Redstone Center for Art


Health & Wellness

Healthy Lifestyles
The Changing Paradigm


The Jerry Bovino Show

 • The Local's Show

Performing Arts

All Access
Live On Location Concert Series
Theater Masters


Aspen Institute
None of the Above

Religious and Spiritual

Habits of Happiness

Science & Nature 

Naturalist Nights

Sustainable Solutions

Aspen Science Center

Snowmass Community

Town Talk

Thought Leadership

Aspen Institute

The Roaring Fork Veterans History Project